Pipe Organ

The organ was built by Elmer Goetz, formerly of
Daytona Beach, and a member of Trinity Lutheran Church congregation. Having
built several smaller organs in the past, his inspiration to build
this twenty nine rank pipe organ came only from God. With no
formal training and the majority of plans only in his mind, Mr.
Goetz was given the ability to transform several hundred pipes
stored for years in his home into a work of art.

The Trinity Lutheran Church organ is a very special addition to our
church. It was financed and built solely by the congregation.
With countless hours of volunteer labor given by many members
to glorify God, the vision led by Mr. Goetz was turned into

In addition to its inspiring visual display, the organ's
beauty comes from its alluring musical colors provided in part by
European pipe-work of only the finest quality. The classic organs
of Europe crafted hundreds of years ago were built on-site in
exactly the same manner as was this organ. This method produces far superior
organs in contrast to mass-produced instruments.

The two-and-a half year project allowed time for changes,
additions, and improvements to the organ from its original
specifications. Several ranks of pipes were added and one rank
was eliminated requiring additional design modificatfons. Under
the tonal direction of Allan Van Zoeren and Thomas Helms, the
final blending of pipes with the total ensemble gave the organ its
unique personality.


Pipe Organ

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